Ways to Save

Here's a checklist for DIYers 

Want to Save Money?

Checklist for Do-it-Yourselfers*

Remove skirting. Put in location well away from the path of truck and home.  Take note of sharp objects (nails, screws, broken glass etc...)

Remove decks, alternate stairs and additions.  (NOTE: Any opening will need to be covered over with plywood.  Any opening over 3 feet will need structural framing for support.)

Recommend flushing toilets 3-4 times before cutting open and disconnecting sewer pipes.

Disconnect power, water, propane, oil, heat tapes, phone and internet lines. (No order of sequence specified)

Take down chimneys more than 8 inches above roof, electrical masts if attached to home, and satellite receivers.

Interior of mobile home (or building being moved) is to be completely cleaned out except for appliances (appliances on wheels, secured) Chandeliers need to be secured, no swinging. Glass shades on lighting fixtures removed. Toilet lids removed.

Axels, tongues and tires.  If the originals are missing we will provide and mount (we prefer to mount these ourselves)

Late Fall/Winter Remove snow from roof and winterize home before unhooking.

*We will gladly help you with any of these items and will provide a quote if this is something beyond your ability or desire to tackle.

Other Services: 

Site, Route and Home Survey. 

For a small fee we will assess a home prior to purchase.

We can provide a list of items to be completed prior to the move.